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“In search of health and beauty, I arrived at Fortis Hospital Mohali in January 2006 with skewed breasts after a breast augmentation procedure that I had got done in Prague, went wrong. A corrective breast implant surgery by Dr. K M Kapoor not only helped me regain my shattered self-confidence, but also my career as a glamour model set soaring post augmentation. FHM is a world-class hospital and Dr Kapoor is one of the best cosmetic surgeons I have met, and believe me I have met a number of them.”

Toni Samantha Wildish, a leading glamour model from UK, after her successful breast implant surgery

“My heartfelt thanks to Fortis Hospital Mohali for the outstanding care provided to my mother during our visit to India when she lacerated her lip. Initially we were a bit apprehensive to obtain medical care in India, but top of the line facilities at Fortis Hospital and expert guidance under Dr. K M Kapoor put all of us at ease. In fact, the care my mother received was no different than what she would have gotten anywhere in the States.”

Dr. Harsharan K. Singh, MD Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Director, Electron Microscopy Services, UNC Hospitals Medical Director, School of Cytotechnology, Allied Health Sciences The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Campus Box 7525 UNC-CH School of Medicine Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599

“I started corresponding with Dr. KM Kapoor of Fortis Hospital, Mohali after I heard of him through a company that helps people to find suitable medical centers abroad. I described my condition and sent photographs, records and other information to Dr. Kapoor. Totally convinced of his expertise, I flew to New Delhi and from there to Mohali, where I underwent Abdominoplasty surgery, during which two stones of fat were removed from my stomach. Post surgery, I look my age again (29 years). I feel young and attractive. My whole shape has changed and my self-esteem is back.”

Anne Marie Jones, a paramedic from United Kingdom, after her Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and Liposuction.

“Earlier this year I flew to Mohali for a pioneering form of cosmetic surgery known as 'contour threading', where plastic threads are inserted into the face through tiny incisions, then drawn up to lift skin tissue and counter the effects of sagging. Since, this process was not available in the UK, India appealed most. I'd always heard that the quality of surgery in India was fantastic. After spending one week in Fortis Hospital Mohali, I am extremely pleased. I'd recommend Dr. K M Kapoor to anyone willing to go under the scalpel to get a whole new look.”

Wendy Jaggers, 62, a housewife from UK, after her ‘Contour’ thread Face Lift surgery.

“When both of us (sisters) decided to undergo a cosmetic surgery together, little did we know that our search for cost effective packages would lead us to India. We read a story in 'Daily Mail' about a UK nurse, who traveled to Fortis Hospital Mohali in January 2006 and came back very happy with her Tummy Tuck surgery. She strongly recommended Dr K M Kapoor for this job and dispelled all doubts about travel to India. Never have we been treated so well at a hospital, anywhere in the world. The services were exceptional. We were treated like royalty. So many people were at our beck and call, all the time.”

Jacqueline Roberts (69) and Patricia Neal (67), Sisters from United Kingdom after they underwent Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) surgery.

“Call it a run-up to our 10th anniversary celebrations or flight of fancy, we wanted to look exactly the way we were when we came to Goa in 1997 soon after tying the knot. We tried exercising, but that did not help. So we opted for cosmetic surgery. We are extremely glad that we chose Fortis Hospital, Mohali because the staff out here is very friendly and the doctors are wonderful. We would like to thank Cosmetic surgeon, Dr K M Kapoor for the care and hospitality shown to us whilst we were in India. We are very happy with the results so far with our surgery. The treatment At Fortis Hospital is inexpensive. In the UK, the USA, or any other English speaking country, we would have paid much more for getting our looks back.”

Debra Hawkins and Michael Morris, a Couple from Spain, after each of them underwent Face-lift and Liposuction.

“I would like to thank Dr. K M Kapoor and the staff at Fortis Hospital Mohali for the magnificent work they have done on my tummy and hips. Because of them, I feel more confident than I have ever felt before. The treatment and care, which I received during my stay at the hospital, was probably better than many hospitals in UK. I would recommend Fortis Hospital with all my heart and soul to anybody looking for a cosmetic surgery. I also look forward to another visit to Mohali for more cosmetic surgery work very soon.” Mrs. Amarjit, from United Kingdom, after her Abdominoplasty and liposuction of thighs “It was a second birth for Niyati. Fortis has best doctors in Dr Kapoor and Dr Gupta and nurses and facilities are as good as any international hospital. We had an option of air lifting the child to UK but we were satisfied with the management at Fortis.”

Parents of Baby Niyati, a citizen of United Kingdom, who survived more than 35%, scald buns at Fortis Hospital.

“Dr Kapoor worked to highest standards. I am very pleased with the outcome of his work-He is a credit to your establishment (Fortis Hospital)."

Natalie Powers from United Kingdom, after getting her Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

"I have come from Holland. I have got the same facilities at Fortis Hospital, which I would have got in Holland. I am very happy with Dr Kapoor and the staff of this hospital.”

Vinod from Netherlands, after getting his son operated for a congenital malformation.

“I am very happy with the results of my surgery. It was a gift to my wife on valentine’s day as she always looked younger than me.”

Gerard Conroy from United Kingdom, after getting his facelift surgery.

“Thanks for saving my head,”

Jordy Quintana, a hockey player from Spain representing Bangalore Lions team, after getting suturing for laceration on forehead.

“We are thankful to Dr Kapoor for saving our child from almost hopeless condition. Our child not only got best care but also her treatment and dressings were made almost pain free.”

Manish Sachdeva, Baby Isha’s father, after she survived more than 45 percent burns from very high voltage electric wire.

“I got my breast augmentation surgery done by Dr K. M. Kapoor while I was visiting India. Dr Kapoor and the nursing staff were excellent. The hospital was better than most hospitals in Melbourne. The surgery package was very economical and affordable. I am very happy with the treatment.”

Vivian S. From Australia

"Economical package. It was a wonderful experience as my family could stay with me during this. I am in much better shape now and feel more confident.”

Sharon S. From United Kingdom

"I came to India for my Tummy Tuck and Liposuction. The treatment and care, which I received during my stay in the hospital, was probably better than many hospitals in USA. The facilities were excellent and surgical package was very affordable. Dr Kapoor was superb.”

S E S from USA

“I am alive today because of quick thinking & tireless efforts of Dr K M Kapoor. My family had almost lost hope of my survival, when I was brought to Fortis Hospital.”

Lakhwinder (Lucky), after surviving major electrical burns from 11000-volt electric wire.

Dr. K.M. Kapoor

Director of AntiClock-Age Reversal Clinic & Medispa, Chandigarh

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