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Chin Augmentation Surgery (Mentoplasty)

Chin is the raised prominence of the lower jawbone, composing the lowermost part of the face; hence it is one of the major components that determine facial shape. With age, gradual and progressive bone absorption results in decreased mandibular height and reduced chin projection. This may change the balance between the lower third and upper two-thirds of the face, and can result in a ‘weak chin’. With ‘weak chin’, the surrounding soft tissues become prone to laxity and yield increasingly to gravity, which is especially noticeable on the front half of the jawline (as Jowls) and on the neck (as double chin).

A prominent chin strengthens the jawline and prevents soft tissue sagging and the formation of jowls. Hence a chin augmentation procedure to correct a ‘weak chin’ will create a more defined chin and jawline and restore a more youthful facial appearance. Most people subconsciously associate a stronger chin with more authority, self-confidence and trustworthiness. Hence, results of chin augmentation procedures are generally associated with a high degree of patient satisfaction.

Q: What are the different methods to achieve chin augmentation?

A: There are three ways of achieving chin augmentation: surgical reshaping of the jawbone (Genioplasty), second with the use of surgical chin implants & lastly non-surgically with volumising filler injections.

Q: What is the surgical method to active chin augmentation?

A: Genioplasty, a complex surgical procedure in which bone is cut and remodeled, alters the shape of the jawbone and is especially useful for the correction of deformities of chin or for treatment of receding chin not suitable for chin implants.

Q: How effective are the chin implants for increasing chin prominence?

A:Chin implants are by far the most frequent solution employed for aesthetic enhancement of receding chins. It is a gentler surgical procedure as compared to Genioplasty & adds volume and structure to the jaw without changing the patient’s natural anatomy.

Q: How is Chin Implant surgery performed?

A: Chin implant can be inserted either through the mouth (a cut on inner side of lower lip) or from outside (through a small cut on the skin below the chin). While Silicone chin implants do not usually need to be fixed to the mandibular bone, for the high-density polyethylene implants, fixation of the implants to jawbone with screws is usually required. The average increase in chin projection is 4-8 mm. Once positioned, chin implants will look and feel like normal bone. If the incision is inside the mouth, it is closed with absorbable sutures. If the incision is in the skin under the chin, absorbable Subcuticular stitches are used.

Q: What type of anesthesia is used for Chin Implant surgery?

A: The chin implant surgery is done under general anesthesia and it takes about 1 hr. Recovery after chin implant surgery is usually uneventful and most patients go home on the day of surgery itself. It is a day care surgery and does not require admission.

Q: What precautions are needed during post operative period?

A: Recovery is usually quick and is not associated with excessive pain or discomfort. Food should be liquid-to-soft for a week to avoid excessive chewing during the healing process. Some swelling and bruising occurs after surgery and a Chin strap after surgery can minimize the swelling and bruising. Pain and discomfort can be controlled by an oral analgesic.

Q: How can chin augmentation is achieved without surgery?

A: In the case of non-surgical contouring of chin, volumising fillers like Juvederm Voluma provide localized enhancement of the chin, the effects of which are conveyed through the soft tissues to the surface of the skin as improved chin contour. This procedure takes about 20 minutes.

Q: What are the advantages of Chin augmentation with fillers?

A: The advantage of Filler injection is that it is quick, gives minimal swelling and shows immediate improvement in chin shape & projection. It is often advisable for patients to try less permanent options like volumising fillers first before going for permanent option of implant so that they can see what they might look like if they got an implant.

Q: What other procedures can be combined with Chin augmentation procedure?

A: Whether the goal is improvement of facial structure or rejuvenation of face, the best results can often be achieved by combining the synergistic procedures. In a convex facial profile, the profile improvement by nose correction (Rhinoplasty) is often vastly enhanced by simultaneous chin augmentation. Similarly, for patients undergoing a face-neck lift procedure, adding a chin implant often significantly improves the results by redefining both jawline and neck.

Q: What is the approximate cost of Chin augmentation surgery at operating facility of AntiClock Age Reversal Clinic?

A: Chin Augmentation surgery with polyethylene implants costs approximately 90000 Indian Rupees (approx. 1800 US Dollar, calculated as 1 USD= 50 Indian Rupees) at our clinic’s operating facility. Chin augmentation with Genioplasty costs approximately 100,000 Indian Rupees (approx. 2000 US Dollars, calculated as 1 USD= 50 Indian Rupees) at our clinic’s operating facility. Chin augmentation with Juvederm Voluma Filler costs approximately 50,000 Indian Rupees (approx. 1000 US Dollars, calculated as 1 USD= 50 Indian Rupees) for each 2ml syringe, at our clinic.

Dr. K.M. Kapoor

Director of AntiClock-Age Reversal Clinic & Medispa, Chandigarh

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